The Southern Maine Youth Football League (SMYFL) in which the Squires participate, has decided there will be a 2020 season!

There are still many things that could change that decision, but as things stand now, SMYFL will follow the Maine Principals' Association (MPA) guidelines for returning to Fall Sports, and have a 2020 football season. If the MPA allows High School football, we will play tackle football at grades 3-8

Unfortunately though, we will not be able to have Tikes (first and second grade) tackle football this season. With only two organizations opting to have programs at this level this year, we cannot have a viable season for Tikes. We are recommending that kids who want to play football this year participate in our flag football program.

A new MPA guideline update is due out this week, scheduled for Friday. Currently the plan allows the following dates for us to start actual football practices with the Squires:

--- Conditioning Week (MS, PW, Mite): Mon, August 31 through Fri, Sept 4

--- Start practice in gear (Flag, MS, PW, Mite): Tue, September 8 (dates/times TBA for each team)

--- First games: Sat/Sun Sept 19/20


The season will include 6 games at all levels. For middle school, four teams will make the playoffs, meaning two weeks of playoffs following the regular season.


There is a possibility that this week’s MPA guideline update may allow us to continue to have positional practices during the month of August like we did in June and July. We will post further information on that as it becomes available.


Knowing there will be lots of questions from families, the Squires are currently putting together a written plan to share with families on how we intend to handle the season with respect to COVID-19. While most of the plan is covered in the MPA guidelines (which are 22 pages long), the Squires will have additional procedures we will be implementing but we will simplify into a much shorter document. Details to come in the next few days.

The Squires will also be holding a parent only meeting, live or virtual to be determined, where we will present the plan to our families and answer questions that anyone has. Date and details to follow.


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