Amazon Prime Fundraiser

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Did you know that every time you shop on Amazon, you could help fund the Noble Squires football and cheering programs?


In your web browser, instead of going to, type Pick your favorite non-profit / 501(c)3 organization (hint: Noble Squires!) and Amazon will make a monthly donation back to the Squires based on how much you and everyone else who selects the Noble Squires spends that month. Last year that was enough to buy two new football helmets! After you select the Noble Squires, there is nothing more you ever need to do except use the URL whenever you shop on Amazon. And if you are ever curious, Amazon provides you a link that will show you how much they have donated based on your purchases!

On July 17, Amazon is having their next Prime Day. Shop on that day by clicking the banner below, and Amazon will donate additional funding to the Noble Squires! It's as simple as that!

Note that this is not limited to just families who have kids participating in the Squires. Family, friends, even total strangers can use to help fund the Squires!



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