Catch the Maine Mammoths - August 4th -> FREE

The Maine Mammoths is a National Arena League football team that plays its home games at Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, Maine. 

An anonymous donor has purchased a large number of tickets that they wish to give away as charity to non-profit organizations, schools and other charitable groups in the community for the final home game on August 4, 2018. Doors open at 6 PM and kickoff is 7 PM.

It’s 80’s & Fan Appreciation Night on Saturday, August 4th, and you can witness the event live in person at no cost to you or your family!

Visit for more info about the Maine Mammoths.

If you are interested in tickets please contact Noble Squires president Carrie Flagg no later than 7/30 so she can get the tickets ordered and to you in time.



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