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The Squires are now implementing a WAITLIST for football signups for grades 3-8

Our helmet order (60 helmets) submitted months ago has not come in, and Riddell is unable to provide a date for when we will receive them.


Along with our normal aging out of helmets after 10 years, and having our highest number of registrations since the 1990s (151 football players), we are critically short on helmets.


Noble HS will be providing us with some of their helmets, and we are pursuing helmets from other sources including borrowing from other SMYFL organizations. Hopefully with some creativeness we can obtain enough to safely provide helmets for everyone in 2022.


We will keep you posted

Full Registration for Football and Cheer is now OPEN for 2022!

This year's registration can be done completely online, including payments, using the link below:

Click here for online registration

A copy of the player's birth certificate, and a copy of the player's physical that is not more than 13 months since the physical was given, are required. These documents should be brought to the first practice, and do not need to be mailed in ahead of time---

Full price registration fees for 2022:

$ 35 : Grades K-2 Flag Football/Cheer 
$ 75 : Grades 1-2 Tike Tackle Football/Cheer
$100 : Grades 3-8 Cheer
$125 : Grades 3-4 Mite Tackle Football
$135 : Grades 5-6 Pee Wee Tackle Football
$150 : Grades 7-8 Middle School Tackle Football

---Families with multiple kids in our Squire programs pay full price for the most expensive registration, then all other siblings are $75 or less---

---An early bird discount of $25 off any full price registration of $100 or more will be applied thru July 15th if paid in full by that date---

Online payment



Square (G-Pay or credit card)

Mailing in a check

Please make checks payable to "Noble Squires" and mail to:

Noble Squires
PO Box 1000
Berwick, ME 03901

Returned check fee: $35

Alternate Payment Methods

You may bring your payment to the first night of practice.

To arrange for a payment plan, please contact our president, Carrie Flagg at

No equipment will be issued until payment is made in full, or payment arrangements have been made.


As always, the Squires are run as a volunteer organization.  None of us get paid!  We live and breath on the strength of our family support!  We require each family to volunteer for two activities during the season.  That might be chain crew, working the concession, collecting money at the gate, clean-up after games, etc.  If you feel you are unable to volunteer due to work or other reasons, we do offer a $100 per child buyout that can be paid in addition to the registration fee.  We really need your help though, so please consider volunteering!!


If you have not registered for TeamApp yet, click here for instructions on registering in TeamApp for the Noble Squires.  TeamApp can be used on your computer, tablet, or phone.  We post breaking news, events, and team-specific information that parents need to know.  And you can send comments/questions directly to your coaches via TeamApp!


If you have football-specific questions, please contact Head Coach George Tasker at

If you have cheer-specific questions, please contact Head Coach Julie Sears at

If you have general questions, or payment questions, please contact us at

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